10 Apps for Internet Success

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Here at One Pica, we’re always busy managing tasks, meetings, and communications. Luckily in today’s age, there are many tools that make our lives easier, including some of our most prized mobile apps. We’ve decided to share some of our favorite applications and others we’ve been wanting to try, sure to help anyone achieve success!

1. Echosign

This Adobe app allows users to electronically sign documents securely and easily. Rather than sending contracts and documents by postal, this app allows for fast delivery and makes closing deals quicker than ever. It also records and stores the document’s history, allowing for easy tracking if the need ever arises.

2. Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro is a highly functional program for any professional. The app allows users to quickly snap a photo of a document and then save it digitally as a PDF. The app then lets users share the files via email, Dropbox, Evernote or Google Drive. The document can also be printed from within the app.

3. Evernote

With Evernote, information is becoming easier to save and access more than ever before! Use it to take and save notes, manage your bills, or webclip sites for research. Evernote makes it easy to store receipts, business cards, or even whiteboard brainstorm sessions, which become searchable with the app’s optical character recognition. We couldn’t live without it!



4. Skype

As a service famous for its video chat, it can be good for more than calling home to Mom; it’s also a great tool for video conferencing or instant chatting with professionals. The Skype iPhone app lets users make video calls using the front-facing camera on mobile devices. The platform is flexible, allowing for connection with users on nearly any device.

5. Doodle

Doodle is a scheduling solution that frees users from the annoying email threads that clutter up inboxes with seven different people conferring on their availability. Doodle makes it easy to spot the time slot that works for everyone, or as many as possible.



6. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media “dashboard” that allows users to monitor, schedule, and post to all their social network accounts simultaneously. Posts are shared among all of the platforms with a single entry, rather than having to log on to each network separately. It can be used across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ Tumblr, WordPress, and Foursquare.

7. 1Password

With digital becoming the way of the world, many online users need an efficient way to manage all of their passwords. Keeping track can be an annoying task! 1Password is a password manager that creates secure passwords and stores them for users across all their devices safely and easily.

8. bloom*

bloom* is a productivity app like no other. It is not only a to-do list, it’s a “to-be” list. The app can wake users up in the morning, prepare them for an important event, or set reminders to call mom. bloom* works to inspire its users to not only stay on track, but to strive to be a better person.


9. MailChimp

MailChimp makes it easy to create, send, and track email newsletters to subscribers. The app has features and integrations that suit email marketing needs no matter what size the company is. Users can create signup forms that match their brand’s look and feel, and send subscribers product updates, event invitations, announcements, or editorial content. Reports are also available to improve email campaigns and learn more about readers.

10. Adobe Reader

Reading and marking up PDFs can be tricky on any type of mobile device. That’s why Adobe Reader is so popular. The free app allows users to access PDFs, mark them up with highlights and underlines, and then share them with others.



If you haven’t made use of these apps before, you should definitely give them a try. Let us know what you think, or tweet @OnePica and share your favorite applications!

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